Bullet point solution?

I think I’ve figured out a way to post more regularly without committing to a novel every time. And for me, that’s tricky. I always want to write something of substance and I never fail to spend an inordinate amount of time proofreading to make sure there are no typos or egregious spelling or syntax mistakes (I just looked up egregious to make sure I spelled it correctly). It’s the former English major in me. So here’s what’s going to happen. I am going to make bullet points for these posts. Not actual bullet points because I don’t know how to do them on here. I will admit I have zero ability when it comes to formatting anything. I will number my brilliant and fascinating observations as of late - I will also include things I have learned. Get ready.


1.  The launch for my children’s book ‘Away But Never Gone” is coming up! For those Winnipeg peeps (or those who like to travel), it will be at 7-9 pm at McNally Robinson. There will be some sort of presentation, I have no idea what just yet. It may involve a musical number, it may not. I think I am going to have a rep from the Canadian Mental Health Association there as I do know that I will be speaking about mental health and how our approach to childhood grief and trauma can help or hinder a child’s emotional and mental development. There will be no refreshments, so bring a flask.

2. You can freeze avocados. Yes, really. Maybe I am the only one who didn’t know this. Freeze them in halves. Apparently they have decent consistency after they are frozen but I bet they don’t so you may have to use them for guacamole.

3. Ada Limon is one of the most brilliant poets I have ever read. Her book Bright Dead Things is breathtaking.

4. You can get rid of even dried oil stains of clothing with a little bit of dish soap (unfortunately, petroleum-based dish soap is required). Again, maybe I am the only one who didn’t know this. 

5. You can use glycerine to revive dried out cream eyeshadow. Too bad I threw out a bunch of MAC paint pots before I learned this. Sigh.

6. The second season of “The Handmaiden’s Tale” is incredible but harrowing. Don’t watch it if you are suffering from a bout of anxiety. It will kill you.

7. Speaking of other things that can kill you, twin eight-year old boys will sometimes make you feel like you are having heart palpitations and need to go to the hospital for an EKG (for the third time). However, said children will be so adorable and hilarious and wonderful a few moments after this health scare that you will forgive them and wonder how you managed to make such lovely human beings. 

8. Pinterest has excellent recipes. Search for Parmesan and basil roasted green beans. My child who refuses to eat most vegetables (ie. most children I know) ate almost the entire batch.

9. Blogging is both enjoyable and humiliating, just like Twitter.

10. Do not substitute arborio rice for Orzo in a recipe, particularly in a slow cooker - Google is wrong.

Ok, that’s it. You’re welcome. All two of you readers.

Go Jets go!!