This is a lovely and thoughtful meditation on change and separation, beautifully illustrated.

Bruce Cockburn

This sensitive book takes me back to a simpler time of life. There's a delicate balance between Nicky's gentle thoughts and Kimberley's enchanting images. Share it with those you love.

Fred Penner

Away But Never Gone is a gift to caregivers helping children through grief. The gorgeously crafted illustrations and metaphors work together to reveal a comforting truth: the bonds we develop with loved ones can and do survive loss.

Tanya Zubert, MMFT, RSW (family therapist)




"…Mehta's anthemic "Swing Low Sail High" leads off, setting a high standard with a delicate ascending melody that soars above textured backing vocals. With three world-class lead vocalists who are equally accomplished songwriters, The Wailin' Jennys deliver polished folk music that still has soul.

Vintage Guitar Magazine

"The dozen original songs…are not tethered to the urban world but dwell on such timeless rural imagery as frogs, snow, star and the moon. These images never lapse into mere sentimentality but are the occasion for meditations on loss and recovery. The three-part harmonies reach for optimism but never lose their undercurrent of melancholy."

The Washington Post

"…this record - from the first few notes - plays to all the things that make this trio so loveable. Beautiful, intuitive but rich harmonies, simple instrumentation, shockingly personal lyrics…indeed, the record begins with the lyrics, "I Have failed you…but I love you."

No Depression

"Nicky Mehta, who played guitar, ukulele, harmonica and a snare drum during the show, is an acerbic wit."

Huffington Post

"The pop overtones of album opener "Swing Low Sail High" will guarantee them heavy radio rotation for what is near perfect a song for summer as you will find."

The Music Critic, UK

"The Jennys 3.0", as they humorously call themselves, bowed with 2009's Live at the Mauch Chunk Opera House, which peaked at #3 on Billboard's Bluegrass Album chart. The trio's three previous albums sparked numerous awards, including Junos, North American Folk Alliance, and Western Canadian Music Awards, in addition to earning praises of media from Exclaim! to Penguin Eggs to the Toronto Star. As usual, everything here is first rate, but go with (in order) "Swing Low Sail High (Mehta), "Last Goodbye (Mehta)..."

CBC Music Matters, Canada

"'Away But Never Gone' from "Bright Morning Stars"…set off Mehta's poignant lyric with the chirp of a ukulele, proving that the little four string is good for more than novelty songs."

The Times Union, NY

"…songs like the pop-driven "Swing Low Sail High"…feel grounded and effortless"


"Highlights...include the opening track "Swing Low Sail High", at once both a confession to love's shortcoming and a reaffirmation of love's endurance, and "What Has Been Done," a mysterious ballad, seemingly about a murder, or perhaps, a suicide, that shows the influence of traditional Appalachian folksongs."

Folk Roots/Folk Branches, Canada

"No amount of superlatives do justice to the sheer majesty of the opener, "Swing Low Sail High." While it has one foot firmly planted in folk and roots, the other would be at home on myriad commercial country records. It's radio-friendly and hummable but still, unmistakeably The Wailin' Jennys."

"Nicky Mehta's brilliant "Arlington"…unearths a truly impressive new writing talent."

Penguin Eggs, Canada

Each member contributes original songs, and while nobody embarrasses herself, Nicky Mehta’s songs (“Arlington,” “This is Where,” and “Ten Mile Stilts”) are particularly memorable, full of striking imagery and the contradictory attractions of commitment and independence.

Paste Magazine

"Nicky Mehta's beautiful song, "Arlington", for example, has a universal, traditional feeling in its lyrics - a sign of a well-crafted song that has considerable staying power. Drawing on simple, natural images, she asks some very deep questions about existence, belief and faith. "Where is your home restless wind? she asks. "Is your voice every tree?Your soul of the air?"

World Folk Music Association

"…one of the highlights is vocalist/guitarist/harmonica player Nicky Mehta's "Arlington", precious not only for its beautiful vocals and fine playing, but also for its tender, imaginative lyrics: "Where is the sun in the night/Is it cold/Does it feel left behind/All alone."

Sacramento News and Review, CA

"Nicky Mehta offers two originals with "Arlington" and "Begin," both lovely lyrically. But it is her dynamic voice that kicks off the album with "Deeper Well" (Olney-Lanois-Harris), and sets the tone for an exceptional evening of live music."

Sing Out!


Weather Vane


"Nicky Mehta comes out the the blue like a bolt of lightning with this release, her debut. You don't need a weatherman to tell which way her fame will be blowing. This CD is solidly professional from the production to the recording quality to the cover graphics. Mehta sings with an assured, supple, silvery voice...overall she has the potential to become a major figure among contemporary singer-songwriters."

Sing Out! Summer 2002

"This independently distributed disc marks a promising debut for Winnipeg folkie Nicky Mehta...the album is marked by delicate melodies and Mehta's lovely vocals, which at their best sound as cool as Mary Chapin Carpenter's and Dar Williams'."

Morley Walker, Winnipeg Free Press