Below is a collection of Nicky's poetry. More will be posted as it comes. 


the meeting places of the heart

sometimes i just wait for it, fold inward and listen
i wait for it to realize i've been waiting
and usually i can feel it turn over slowly as if after a rest
and reach out its soft filament wings 

i feel it turn gently like the slowest motion cyclone
stirring the hard sorrows of the day until they too are soft and like water
and then it starts to speak to me in the language of leaves
the pattern of fields
it speaks in the blurred edges of photographs
and the light of trees

it tells me everything i need to know right then
and nothing more

and sometimes it invites me to walk into depths
i have drowned in throughout the day
and holds my head up
cradles my neck
tells me to look at the sky
then holds me as i turn and peer again below
to see what i have only imagined

and that's where i find you
as if you knew this underwater world
long ago
and waited for me there
for a few moments we see each other
and swim suspended
for as long as we can hold our breath together
side by side




it doesn't have to all add up

even in the moments when the symmetry feels so necessary

when all lines must fully meet

when the sink must be clean

the clothes folded

the face unblemished

the mind empty

the heart made clear...

there will still be soil under the nails

dirt at the back of the floor behind the oven

rain on the horizon

minds unchanged

anger in the belly


there can never be full, even ledgers ever



let go, my child

be released




i imagine you as a child

the full moon of your face

the expectant eyes, the quiet, gentle attention to the room

the delight in the meeting of everything


i imagine the first deflection of words and anger like a stone striking a mirror

i imagine the pure perfect stillness of your face crack


i see you standing, arms at your side

and then you start to turn, slowly, like a plane winging north into the clouds

i see you start to to turn away from it all

into yourself

away from who you were when you began

turning slowly turning

like the earth on axis 

until someday you return

in the fullness of the sun

back to the beginning