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Plough Records is Nicky's personal record label and was founded when her first album Weather Vane was ready to be released to the world. Rather than pursue a label at that time, Nicky, inspired by other female musicians' independent ownership of their music, created Plough Records. The label was named after the pub that her beloved Grandmother Marie Fitton used to frequent in Rochdale, England - like the woman herself, the Plough has long been a symbol of perseverance, hardiness and utility, qualities which every singer-songwriter/musician requires in their character. And it is with this spirit that Nicky began the business that would see her first record released into the world, and and later carry her children's book forth. In due time, Plough Records will be the home of her sophomore album and the legacy of hard work and purpose will carry on.

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To order copies of Nicky's book Away But Never Gone, please click here. Want to see inside the book? See the image gallery at the bottom of this page.


To order Weather Vane, please click here.