Nicky Mehta

Singer-songwriter. Mentor to at-risk youth. Wailin’ Jenny. Mental health advocate. Canadian. JUNO winner. Mother of twins. International touring artist. Biracial. Children's book author. Mental illness survivor. Life-partner. Speaker. Composer for contemporary dance. Poet. Band manager. University graduate. Former dancer. Winnipegger. Influenced by Jane Siberry, Lloyd Cole, The Smiths, and Sharon Olds. Product of British and East Indian ancestry. Nature lover. Realist. Idealist. Dreamer.

New Book

ABNG Dustjacket Jan22_final_final.jpg

Nicky has now released a children's book based on her lullaby "Away But Never Gone". The book by the same title is a beautiful collection of enchanting paintings by local artist, Kimberley Slezak and soothing, gentle lyrics of birth and remembrance. With gorgeous images of moon, sun, stars, trees and wildlife, it speaks of the cyclical certainty of Nature and is a reassuring reminder of our place within an ever-changing but constant universe. At its core, it is a testament to the enduring spirit of life and love. Nicky hopes it is used as a grief book for young children.

To purchase the book, head over to the Plough Records page.

To purchase Bright Morning Stars, the Jennys album on which the song appears, go to the Jennys store.

To purchase sheet music for the song, go to the sheet music section in the Jennys store.


new album

Nicky has resumed work on her sophomore album, a collection of lullabies inspired by the stunning Manitoba landscape. Tentatively titled "Lullabies for the Sidelined", the recording will be for all ages thematically, but slow tempo and gentle musically, as every lullaby album should be.